Chapter 2: The Unifying Thread: Associations and Correlations

In Chapter 2 of our IAM Gatekeepers Best Practices Blog Series, we explore the importance of associations and correlations in identity management. Discover how strong connections and unexpected relationships within an individual's digital identity can enhance security, streamline access management, and provide valuable behavioral insights. Join us as we unravel the power of associations and correlations in unlocking the full potential of identity management. Stay tuned for more captivating insights in our IAM journey.



6/19/20232 min read

a table with a board game and dice pieces
a table with a board game and dice pieces


Welcome back, Identity Enthusiasts, to the second round in our IAM Gatekeepers Best Practices Blog Series! This chapter beckons you into the board game of IAM, where the dice of associations and correlations determine our progress. Grab your tokens as we start our rollicking quest, navigating the winding lanes and exciting detours of digital identities!

Section 1: Introduction to Associations and Correlations in IAM

Kick-start on Go: The Fundamentals of Associations and Correlations in IAM

Starting at GO, this section introduces the crucial game pieces - Associations and Correlations. Acting as our dice, these concepts determine the pace and direction of our journey around the IAM board.

Section 2: Understanding Associations in IAM

Building Houses: Demystifying Associations in the IAM Game

Next, we land on the real estate of associations, the invisible blueprints guiding us to erect our houses (digital identities) strategically. Much like Monopoly's real estate, associations underpin our IAM landscape, ensuring a controlled and systematic game.

Section 3: Understanding Correlations in IAM

Chance and Community Chest: Navigating the Surprises of Correlations in IAM

After associations, we draw a card from the Chance and Community Chest of correlations. Much like the unexpected twists of these cards, correlations unravel hidden linkages within the digital identity landscape, bringing the element of surprise to our IAM game.

Section 4: How Associations and Correlations Enhance Security and Streamline Management

The Jailhouse Strategy: Boosting Security and Management with Associations and Correlations

Our game advances as we realize how associations and correlations act as our Jailhouse strategy. Similar to the safe haven of the Jailhouse in Monopoly, these tools safeguard our IAM game from security risks and streamline our moves on the board.

Section 5: Gaining Behavioral Insights Through Associations and Correlations

Reading the Opponent: Extracting Behavioral Insights from Associations and Correlations

In this part of our game, we become skilled players, leveraging associations and correlations to read our opponents' moves. These insightful connections serve as our secret weapon, offering predictive insights to anticipate and counter potential IAM threats.

Section 6: Best Practices for Implementing Associations and Correlations

Mastering the Game: Best Practices for Implementing Associations and Correlations

Like an experienced Monopoly champion, this section equips you with the best strategies for implementing associations and correlations in your IAM game. With these tricks up your sleeve, you'll navigate the board of digital identities like a pro, steering your organization towards a victorious IAM implementation.

Conclusion and Look Ahead

Hotel on Boardwalk: Reflecting on Our Wins and Planning the Next Game

As our round of Chapter 2 concludes, we pause at our Hotel on Boardwalk, reflecting on our triumphant exploration of associations and correlations. We also cast a keen eye on the next thrilling rounds awaiting us in this captivating IAM tournament.

So, ready your game faces as we roll the dice, immersing ourselves in the lively competition of identity and access management. Until then, keep strategizing, fellow Identity Enthusiasts!
-Guy, Chief Identity GameMaster at IAM Gatekeepers

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