IAM Unveiled: Embracing Identity Uniqueness for Secure Digital Landscapes

Discover essential IAM best practices in our latest blog post, where we explore the importance of establishing unique identities within organizations. Learn how to ensure consistency, traceability, and long-term control over access and assets. Dive into practical tips for managing corporate personnel, internal users, and third parties while fostering good IAM hygiene. Don't miss out on these valuable insights to strengthen your organization's identity and access management strategy.



6/5/20232 min read

a fingerprinted fingerprint on a computer chip chip
a fingerprinted fingerprint on a computer chip chip


Welcome to the IAM Gatekeepers Best Practices Blog Series! In this installment, we embark on an exciting journey through the realm of identity uniqueness and its pivotal role in ensuring a secure and well-structured organization. As we traverse the ever-evolving digital landscape, identities emerge in various forms, encompassing employees, contractors, customers, partners, and machine entities. Join us as we explore the significance of identity uniqueness within the corporate domain, unraveling its profound impact on the realms of corporate personnel, internal users, and third parties.

Chapter 1: Unleashing the Power of Identity Uniqueness

In this chapter, we delve into the essence of identity uniqueness. We discover how assigning a distinctive identifier to each individual creates a solid foundation for identity ownership. Through the utilization of unique identifiers like KerberosIDs, GUIDs, SSO IDs, or employee numbers, organizations establish a consistent thread of identity throughout an individual's journey. Witness the magic of traceability and the enchanting world of logical access as we unveil the secrets of identity uniqueness.

Chapter 2: The Unifying Thread: Associations and Correlations

Within this chapter, we unravel the art of tying downstream application teams and their local identifiers to the primary human owner's identity. Though local authentication and secondary identifiers may present challenges, we explore innovative techniques like virtual directory structures (VDS) that facilitate seamless associations and correlations. Step into the realm where identity DNA intertwines with secondary accounts, forging a comprehensive view of access and empowering organizations to overcome identity management obstacles.

Chapter 3: The Enigma of Non-Human Identities

Prepare to delve into the enigmatic world of non-human identities. With the absence of clear ownership, managing service accounts poses unique challenges for organizations. While we may not unearth an immediate solution to this riddle, we shed light on the importance of identifying the human owner of a non-human account. Discover the power of correlations as we explore the fascinating ties between human owners and their non-human counterparts.

Chapter 4: The Path to Illumination: Robust Provisioning and Reconciliation

In this chapter, we illuminate the path to comprehensive identity management through robust provisioning and reconciliation processes. Witness the transformation as organizations gain a single, unique identity identifier for each individual, creating an unbreakable thread of Identity DNA that spans job changes and roles. Unlock the secrets of streamlined de-provisioning processes, tied to the system of record, ensuring the removal of all associated access. Explore the intricacies of non-human account ownership transfers and the best practices for password changes during these transitions. Brace yourself for enhanced periodic access reviews as managers wield a complete picture of access for their team members, enabling granular certification events.

Conclusion: Embracing the Power of Identity Uniqueness

As we conclude our immersive journey into the realm of identity uniqueness, we emphasize its paramount importance in fortifying security, enabling traceability, and empowering organizations to confidently navigate the intricate world of digital identities. By implementing policies and processes that champion identity uniqueness, organizations lay the foundation for long-term control and visibility over critical assets. Together, let us embark on the IAM adventure of a lifetime, as we unlock the full potential of identity uniqueness and embrace the secure digital landscapes that await us.

Join us on our next escapade as we unveil more insightful blogs, traversing through captivating IAM topics that will shape your organization's identity landscape.

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